This is the help resource for Heart Foundation applicants.

* Clicking the Heart Foundation logo at of the screen, returns the user to the Heart Foundation's research grants login page.

Once logged in, you are presented with your Dashboard that will guide you through the actions you can take. See [#22, Dashboard]

As an Applicant you will be able to:

* Create an Application for funding. See [#23, Applications]

* Find what types of grants are available to apply for, including the Heart Foundation Terms and Conditions, Ethics and FAQs. See [#27, Guides for application types]

For Successful Applicants:

* Submit an Annual / Final report. See [#352, Reporting]

* Keep us informed about your work and share your research results with us. See [#327, Our relationship with you]

TIP: [#24, List all applications] is a quick way to see a summary of your application details (current and past).


You can find what you're looking for in two ways:

1. by browsing the tree in the _Content_ tab on the left

1. by searching for keywords in the _Search_ tab

If you can't find the information you need, please use the "Get in touch" form on this page to send an inquiry to the Heart Foundation.

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