Research Reports

All successful applicants are required to submit and an annual report (progress or final). Please note that our portal allows for the submission of reports along with variation request details at any time. We currently request progress and final reports in December, with a submission date of 1 February, irrespective of date of grant commencement.

* Research grant report submission, is a requirement for ongoing funding of research projects.

* This report should cover the last 12 months or the period since this grant began.

* The short lay summary may be used in the Heart Foundation's publications and published on the Heart Foundation website.

* Any publications arising from NHF funded research are to be attached to the report.

* The NHF's funding support must be highlighted in the recipient's CV.

* An applicant can submit a progress or Final report to their Host Institution for Approval at any time, as long as they have an approved application

To Submit a Report

A report can be SAVED or SUBMITTED to the applicants Host Institution for Approval (or directly to the Heart Foundation, where an applicant is not associated).

* From your dashboard

* List All Applications

* Click the relevant grant to open it and click "New Report" to open the grant report template

uri/../images/New Report Dec.JPG

Variation Requests:

* All variation requests are to be submitted as part of the grant report on the Research Grants System.

* Please note that all administration and timeline variation requests are reviewed and assessed as part of the submitted "grant report".

* Recipients are notified of an "approved" or "declined" report by email.

* The "approved" or "declined" decision, following report review, includes the variation request submitted as part of the report.

=The Host Institution can approve the report and/or:

* Submit to the Heart Foundation

* Optionally return report to the applicant (similar to an application)

* A grant report acknowledgement email is sent to the Applicant, advising the grant report has been forwarded/received by the Heart Foundation, for consideration.

The Host Institute grant reports view and PDF option:

* The list all grant report option from your dashboard, allows you to view all grant reports associated with your institute.

* The columns in grey (reference/status) allow you to open a grant report and also PDF for your files.

* The columns in red are linked to the detailed grant application and recipient details.

Financial Matters (for approved research grants):

Please contact the Heart Foundation's Chief Financial Officer, Mark Simpson:


* Please ensure that outstanding claims are submitted to the Heart Foundation's Chief Financial Officer. We allow up to 3 months, following the grant end date.

Contact Research Grants Support:


POSTAL ADDRESSHeart Foundation

PO Box 17-160 Greenlane

Auckland 1546

TELEPHONE09 571 4657

If you can't find the information you need, please use the "Get in touch" form on this page to send an inquiry to the Heart Foundation.

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